iD Dunedin

Ornaments of a Warrior

iD Dunedin Emerging Fashion Designer Award 2014

My collection is inspired from warrior weapons of different era. From ancient time world has used various weapons which is impossible to pen down. Weapons that stood as an inspiration to develop my prototype are battle Axe, ninjas throwing star. Battle Axe is a symmetrical double headed Axe and is also one of the oldest symbol of Greek civilization. Ninja throwing star is a handheld weapon with an extremely sharp edges. My work pieces are a fusion of old and new, rich and native, luxurious and futuristic. I have incorporated natural materials like wood, leather .Leather weaved chains draped around the garment, sharp pointed edges is a fusion of power and feminists. Headwear embraced with bold embellishment, steepness and spikes.


Women’s Wear